Saturday, April 21, 2012

April far :)

 During spring break I started this skirt for Brittley. I got the idea from my wonderfully-talented mother-in-law. She made these skirts for the girls last Christmas and I love the way they fit. So I started one because a) I have wanted to try to make these skirts & b) I wanted my mother-in-law to help guide me before I moved so I would know how to make them. Anywho they are super easy and all I need now is a serger to whip these babies out!
 I love that my sweet little Brittley has somewhat followed in my footsteps for her love of black and pink :))

 And of course since Brittley got a picture of her own, Tate got a picture by himself. And do you love his outfit? This is usually how he looks when we are planning on staying home for the day and we drop off Brittley at school!
 April 7, 2012: First (community) Easter Egg Hunt at the Hansen Rolling Hills Park. This is monumental for me because I do not really care for Easter Egg Hunts..period. I was trampled by an ADULT when I was fairly young and since then I just do not care for them. I never wanted my children to experience the trauma I went through so we (I) usually avoid them. But this year since it was in Hansen I figured even if the whole town showed up it would not be that many kids so we went. The kids had a great time and got lots of eggs and no one was injured :)

 After egg hunting the kids played on the playground and loved that it was fairly decent outside for once before Easter

 Brittley doing the monkey bars BACKWARDS...very impressed I had no idea she was this skilled :)!

 The "Easter bunny" hid eggs in the house and I thought the bunny did a fairly good job at putting them in obvious places, but apparently they were hidden really well because my kids had the hardest time finding them
 We had one PediaSure left and my sweet children shared it together so no one was left out
 {April 8, 2012}: Easter Sunday is always so special to me because of the true reason we have the holiday and because my kids for the first time really understood it. They both went to church and learned about Christ's being killed upon the cross and His resurrection. They were both astounded by the fact that the people killed him and told me all about it. They both said how much they loved Jesus and that they would have never done that to Him.

 After church we went to my mom's for an Easter dinner and hunt it was nice because it was soooo nice on Easter, but of course my little Brittley has a weird thing when she gets overly excited or worked up she gets sick (plus the sun doesn't help too). She got a headache when we were at my mom's house, threw up before we left, was fine at the Stanger's and then threw up again when she got home. 

 This picture always changes each year, but it is tradition and this is the first year in a LONG time that there are only six kids. Kip and Leejean's kids were not there because of chicken pox and so we only had the six. But I love this picture because I love to see how much they change each year!

 I made the kids aprons this month just for fun. I always planned to make Brittley one, but I did not want Tate to feel left out so he picked out fabric for his apron too. He picked out the stars material and only wanted that one, but I got the blue so it would not be just one solid apron. 

 Once I got his done he was ready to "make" somthing so here he is putting french toast stix into the microwave...a boy's version of "making" food :))
Brittley's apron was pink and purple with a little ruffle. Girl's aprons are usually a frillier version, but take a little more time. It was worth it though because now they both have their own little apron!

 Random pictures

 On April 13, 2012, the Young Women held a carnival to raise money for Girl's Camp. The kids LOVED it, they had lots of fun games, cotton candy, food, and a silent auction. 

 Vampire girl
 Cake Walk...I kept playing over and over and never won so finally I told Clay to go get it done and he won TWICE! We got homemade bread and cookies :)

 The greatest prize?? A fish!! I couldn't believe it, of course the kids were super excited about it and although I do not have a picture of Tate's it was okay because his died on Sunday. After I found out he would take his fish out of the tank so it would flop around...such a boy. But Brittley's fish Sparkle, is still swimming strong, so now we have a dog and a fish...lucky parents for going to the carnival : D

The last thing that happened so far is that on Easter Sunday my Uncle passed away. He is my dad's oldest brother and used to live right down the road from us. I did not get to see him before he passed away which makes me so sad, but thanks to facebook I got to see lots of pictures thanks to my cousins. He was always very loving and kind of awnry :) but oh I loved him. He always stood out in my mind because he had a HUGE TV at his house back before people had them but all he ever watched was Nascar and the Sci-Fi channel. He loved Fords and so everyone like to tease him by telling him they bought a Chevy :). I am very grateful for having a loving Uncle in my life, but since he was battling Colon Cancer I am glad that he is finally at peace and can be united with my Grandma and Grandpa up in heaven. 

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