Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lots of Outings!

Wow how time flies! In April Brittley and I went and got our toes done by "Aunt" Annie at her school. Brittley thought it was pretty neat and we loved how they turned out!!
Brittley and Tate have started doing this all the time and I finally got a picture of them. Brittley is one strong little girl!
I made the "2" sign for Tate's first talk in primary and so Brittley got the chalk and made her a "1" sign because she was the first baby and Tate was the 2nd so here is baby #1 & baby #2 :)
...with baby #3!! Miss Kona
Tate's infamous pose!

May 11, 2012...I graduated from CSI cum laude!! I have one degree and now I just need a few more!! :)
My #1 support team at my graduation to cheer me on! I was so thankful for my family and all they have done to support me along the way. I'm huge I know! One good thing about these lovely robes??? I do not look so much like a whale (except maybe this one lol)

To the love of my life: I am so grateful for all that he has done for me and especially letting me stay home to just focus on school and take care of my wonderful kiddos. I definitely did not have as stressful as a year as last year since I got to stay home and it was only possible thanks to my hard-working hubby for providing for us! I love him more than anything and I am so grateful for all of his support through the stress and the tears!
May 9th was my momma's 50th birthday so on May 12th we had a surprise party for her that she thought was my "graduation" party. It did not take her long to figure it out since most of the decorations were...PURPLE! But I had a lot of fun planning this party with my dad and making decorations for the 50th Luau!

The Fabulous BIRTHDAY girl!

The grandkids enjoying the chocolate fountain!

Next to me everyone looks small!! Love my mom!!

For Mother's Day (May 13th, 2012) we went to church, Clay grilled us up some lunch, we watched the Hills, and then went hiking up in the South Hills. The kids had a lot of fun hiking even with a prego momma that had to take it slow. 

Ross Falls

My 1st Baby..the baby who made me a mom in the first place. My spunky, free-spirit daughter, who loves pink and anything girly, but loves to get messy and is usually never afraid to try new things. I love this girl and who she has become. I always tell her to stop growing up and she always replies I have to get big mom! I love love love love her and am so thankful for her coming into my life and changing my life forever!
My baby #2...the little boy that changed my world and introduced me to the wonderful world of boys :) He is a little momma's boy that definitely has a sassy side. He loves everything boyish and definitely does things that gross me out, but oh how I love him and everything that he is. I love his spiky hair, his spunk, his imagination, his big heart, and how great of a kid he is. He is in preschool and oh the things he comes up with and learns is amazing. I love having a little boy and love watching him grow and change. I love love this little guy and I am so thankful for the second little baby to come into my life and change my world forever!

Being on a hike the kids got dirty and Brittley kept saying "MESSY MOTHER's DAY!"

The kids, Clay, and Kona are all on that little patch of snow in shorts and flip flops!

Monday May 14, 2012, we had a Stanger night for FHE and it was a ton of fun. We roasted hot dogs and smores and flew kites!! Love FHE with the Stanger Clan!

1 More Month!!!

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