Saturday, April 14, 2012

March 2012

 March was March and although we had more stuff going on I did not have my camera with me as much and being prego I can't really remember everything (hint: next time I should blog better :)) So on St. Patrick's Day a leprechaun came to our house and when my back was turned they turned our french toast GREEN! The kids were very surprised and of course I had to convince them that it would still taste the same!
 I cannot really remember when this was, but we went to lunch at Tomato's with my parents and brother one Saturday afternoon. It was yummy and Tate decided to take some pictures (mine is the only on that did not turn out blurry...lucky me!)

 This picture was taken because after church I told Tate to change out of his church clothes so we could go to Grandma & Grandpa's house and this is what he came out with. I could not believe the kid going and getting his swimsuit on with a night shirt....such a boy! And I love the pudding face in the picture too!
 For spring break 2012 we were not planning on going anywhere so I wanted the kids to have a fun spring break. To kick it off they came home on Sunday after Grandma & Grandpa's to f ind the tent set up! They were super excited and slept in it all week.
 Monday we stayed home to clean and so I could get homework done (homework during Spring break sucks by the way lol) but Tuesday we met Grandma and went BOWLING. We only played one game because even though I thought the kids would be super excited they were not as into it as the last time so one game was enough. Afterwards we went to the mall and then the kids went home with Grandma so Clay and I could go to the temple for ward temple night and then afterwards we went to Hunger Games. So it was a nice day spent with Grandma and then I had a Tuesday Date Night with Clay which never happens and I was very thankful for my parents to take the kids for the night!

 Wednesday we headed to Boise! (My camera died during this activity and I was very bummed) We went to the aquarium and let me tell you it is one shabby aquarium. Nothing like you would imagine the pictures are dark because the whole thing was like that it was pretty much the trashiest aquarium I have ever paid $9 to get into, but the kids had fun and I got to touch a sting ray so it was good! :)

We looked at neighborhoods & houses while the kids napped in the afternoon, the kids swam when we got back to the hotel, and then we met my sister Amanda @ TGIFridays for dinner. After dinner we were all stuffed so we went to the mall to "walk it off" (for me it doesn't make a difference my weight won't "walk" off  right now lol) After we shopped the kids played at their favorite place in the mall...the kid's play land. Next we headed back to the hotel and the kids and I watched a movie for a little bit and went to bed.

 Thursday was super windy and cold in Boise and we went to Hobby Lobby (I actually talked my dad into it!!) and then we went to visit my grandparents grave site. It was the first time my kids had ever been there and I had not been there for a very long time so I was glad to go even though it was freezing!

 Friday kicked off the annual Alumni-Basketball game in Hansen and this year it was exciting because there was a "Stanger" team with a few honorary Stangers :) Brianne was so geared to go her shoes are glowing!! I also had to be discreet when I took these pictures because Clay told me he would break my camera if he saw me taking pictures...such a stinker but I love him!

 Game 1 they won, Game 2 they loss, Game 3 they won, Game 4 they loss: They took 3rd place, but they lost Hyrum after the first game because of a knee injury and so they had replacements come in and they all realized that they are not as young as they used to so it is difficult to play 2 games in a row :))) It was fun to watch, but I am glad I was on the sidelines (The cheerleader in me is always there lol)

 This was taken on Saturday March 31, 2012 and was the first time the kids got to wear SHORTS! It was that nice in this windy city!
 This is Miss Kona and Brittley on the last day of spring break. Kona is only 4 1/2 months old and she is huge! I cannot believe how small she was when she was a puppy because she grew fast. We love her to death and I am so thankful that we got her. March flew by fast and we had lots of fun together!

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