Sunday, February 20, 2011

Playing Dress Up

When Brittley goes to school Tate likes to go into her room and play with her stuff. I always find it funny because he looks forward to playing with her doll house and girly stuff because she will not be around to tell him no. Well one afternoon in February he went into her room and I was on the computer doing homework. It got really quiet so I was thinking he fell I looked around the corner and there he is with all of her dress up clothes and he yelled, "Get out mom!" So I backed up saying, "I'm going, I'm going."

I just started laughing because how funny was that to find him in the dress up clothes, but funnier that he was embarrased. Well being a mom I went and grabbed my camera and headed back to "check" things out. I snapped the first two of him digging through the clothes, and afterwards I told him he needed to pick them up, but he said, "Mom, I'm trying to put this dress on." I said, "Which one?" He held out the Tinkerbell Costume and said, "This one."

So I agreed to help him but only if I could take his picture! He of course being three agreed! So here is my little man dressed up as Tinkerbell and then in a tutu! When I showed Clay after he got home he looked at Tate and said, "Tate! We don't wear dresses we're guys!" Oh so stinking cute! According to Clay I should not let him do it, but how can I not let him?? Especially when I have a camera on hand at all times!!!

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