Monday, February 7, 2011

Resolution Update

It has been a month since I started my New Year's Resolutions and I want to keep track of my progress this year, so I am going to blog it! Starting out with #2: To be a full time: church-goer, tithing payer, prayer, & scripture reader; I can say that we are a full time tithing payer!! BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT, but everything else is not up to 100%. I was doing really good with scripture-reading but once school started I had to start reading other materials, but I am still trying to get myself back in the habit. Praying is at about 90% because I say my personal but I also pray with my kids every night and I absoultely love that ritual. Nothing excites me more than hearing their sweet personal prayers. Usually Tate just copies Brittley and that is so stinking cute!
#3 Was reading to kids every night and that has been about 90% as well because sometimes I have to work and do not get home till the kids are asleep, but we have been staying on top of reading!
#4: Sew, Sew, Sew! Well I busted out the sewing machine and the first thing I did was sew a curtain for Tate's room. I do not have a picture, but it was not very professional looking, but it serves it's purpose :) Next I did a reuseable bag & my latest project was a skirt for Brittley. I did not do too bad, but I want to do more clothing and I am going to venture into pillows and window treatments.

#5: Keep on top of school work-Definitely 100% on this one! I am really hoping for a 4.0 this semester! Fingers crossed because I really want it!
#6: Run 10 miles this year: I got up to 7.5 last year, but where it is still FREEZING and I cannot handle the cold yet I have not started up running again...hopefully next month I will be able to start!
#7: Definitely has not happened yet..I am really hoping to get pregnant in the summer, but you never know!! :)
#8: Pay bills off: So far that one has not come true (I wish the magic fairy would take care of this one!) but I am a step closer...I have both credit cards 1/2 way paid off & one hospital bill will be over next month!
#9: Shop's just say I went WAY AWAY from this one. I will not even go into detail, but I added it all up at the beginning of this month and could not believe the number...I think I may make that in one month but I'm not sure. This month I am trying to be extremely careful about where & what I make my purchases on. I am going to try for one week to go nowhere unless I need necessities...that will be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life!
#1: Number 1 goal ties in with number 2 and if we do not get our butts in gear it will take us a year and a half instead of one year. I really want this and so does Clay so we are doing all we can to work on our marriage, our home life & our spiritual life to be sealed together for time and eternity.

Now the question is how are you doing on your resolutions???

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