Friday, September 25, 2009

Tate Turns Two!

To My Big Boy Tate: Happy Birthday little man I can't believe you are already 2! And what a crazy 2 years it has been! Tate is all boy through and through. He loves dirt, climbing, being outside, and Cars! He thinks all balls are cool and loves playing football outside. After he discovered basketball hoops he will use anything that semi looks like a hoop as a net. I have wreaths inside my house and he tries and throws balls between them! Tate loves to be with Brittley and it really is a love/hate relationship like all kids. He's either trying to push her away or giving her loves all within a minute! I love you Tate thanks for bring sunshine into our lives!

Right after he woke up on his birthday-September 19th
This is his model pose!

Tate and Mommy

Sleeping at the top of the bleachers at Bruin Stadium!

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