Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am going to be posting more and more about savings...because I've been trying more and more to be thriftier...I am alread thrifty (I can tell you all about how to be EXTREMELY thrifty with Target(my mother store)) but I am taking tips from other moms and trying to be more frugal with grocery shopping. I got $50 worth of groceries for 15 but that is not enough so I am keeping you updated on my frugal finds! and hopefully i can pass it along because if I can groceries for can everyone else!

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  1. Good job on getting into coupons. Found your link on Krazy Coupon Lady. Happy Belated Birthday. I'm inviting you to my blog for some frugal ways to cook ( and some coupons, etc.) Come by for a visit when you have time!