Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Brittley's Teeth

Not the greatest picture, but it is a monumental moment! Brittley lost her first tooth on September 19, 2011!! It was at Hop-2-It and she caught it on the net in one of the bounce houses so it pulled it out more than it was. Luckily Aunt Shelly was there because she yanked that tooth out in seconds it was amazing! I was so glad she was there because I do not know if I could have done that...Brittley was very freaked right after it happened and then she calmed down. She got a $1 from the toothfairy and now has a different kind of smile!! 
Another angle of her missing tooth!
She lost her second tooth in the middle of Ocotober. It was her bottom right tooth and I pulled it out this time. It was extremely dramatic and I thought she swallowed it because she was flipping out so bad. It was extremely loose and needed to come out, but oh boy you would have thought I was pulling out a permanent tooth from her head. I video taped her the next time we were trying to get a tooth for blackmail purposes (lol) but it is insane how bad she freaks out over her teeth coming out. The next tooth which was the bottom left fell out on its own in St. George on Nov. 2, 2011. She did it all by herself and was very proud of that. Clay told her he didn't know if the toothfairy lived in St. George and then the "toothfairy" when she woke up she said, "I guess the toothfairy doesn't live in St. George." Quite comical to us, but so sad for her I told her I was sure she was in Zion's. The next day at lunch she almost pulled out the top tooth while eating a grilled cheese sandwhich, but it stayed in until... 
November 13, 2011! Dad pulled out the tooth this was sticking out crooked that was how loose it was so Clay held her arms and pulled it out in seconds. She cried..of course...but then was good. 2 months and she has lost 4 TEETH! 
Brother is very proud of her!

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