Thursday, November 17, 2011

Brittley's Hair Cut

After school started it was time for Ms. Brittley to get a hair cut once again. Last year before kindergarten I did it and it was not too bad, but I was not really excited to cut her hair because if I screwed it up the poor girl would have to deal with it! But it turned out fine, so this year I asked her where she wanted to go and she said the mall. So we headed to the mall one Saturday afternoon and got her hair cut. I wanted it to be layered, but it did not turn out that way but ended up being really cute. 
Tate playing on the phone while Brittley is getting her hair cut. He was perfect for me! 
Getting styled...Brittley had to have her hair straightened...I am not sure why she was so focused on that detail but she let the stylist know she wanted her hair straightened.  
The final production! The stylist was great and was a good sport about letting me take pictures!

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