Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School for Bri

This was my first day of my sophomore year in college...August 22, 2011. I cannot believe I finally made it past freshman year lol after a few wrong starts I finally got it right and made it through. I am taking 14 credits this semester and have one in-class class and the rest of them are online. After the first week I am already disliking the in-class class; it has been about seven years since I have sat in a classroom for class and it throws me off big time. I was supposed to have two but lucked out and was able to switch into the online class the first day of school. My schedule is:

ENGL 175-Intro to Literature (In Class)

ENGL 277-American Literature

PHYA 155-Health and Wellness

GEOL 104-Natural Disasters and Hazards (Geology)

EDUC 290-Education Exit Seminar

I am almost done at the College of Southern of Idaho and then I will be going into my {JUNIOR} year of college!! So exciting I cannot believe the progress I have made. I was planning on going to BSU next fall but I have no idea if that is going to happen or not at this point because it all depends on my hubby getting a job so this winter we WILL have plans finalized and the boulder on my shoulder can finally be lifted off! Also Brittley this year will be going to Kimberly Elementary instead of Hansen and I could not be more excited for her! She starts September 6th I cannot believe I have a {First} grader already, I am getting old! :)

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