Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soccer 2012

 Brittley started soccer this year [again]. She played when she was in Kindergarten and that did not go too well...she lasted through two games and would constantly ask her coach if she could sit out. So after the talks..."Do you REALLY want to do this?" Yes Mom. "You have to play the whole time." Okay Mom. "No asking your coach if you can sit out." Yes mom I want to play. 
Okay here we go! She did GREAT! She had a lot of fun and definitely does not take after her mom..she is kind of timid when it comes to getting the ball. I wanted to yell out, "Push them down! Get the ball!!" But I held off. She played all the positions and did really well at goalie. I was so proud of her and she had a lot of fun!!

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