Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Summer Summer Time

 Catching up...The weekend of June 23rd, 2012, there was a family get together for my Uncle Leonard who past away on Easter Sunday of 2012. Even though it was Augie's first road trip and I brought my camera I did not take a lot of pictures...why?? I have no idea :). We went up Friday night and drove around Kuna to see what that area was like, we went to the mall, and then to Olive Garden before heading to our hotel. When we got to the Olive Garden it was late, I was tired, and Augie was tired of his car seat. When we got seated I felt like those families that I used to talk about at Jaker's. For example..why would parents bring kids in after traveling when obviously the kids and parents have had enough??? So we got our drinks, ordered, I tried nursing Augie but he was just upset, so I said can we get our food to go?? And while Clay and Brittley waited for the food, Tate and I headed to the car. I was sooo happy when we finally got to the hotel. I was tired, hungry, and Augie just wanted to chill. He slept really good so the rest of the night was great. 
The next morning Clay took the kids swimming at the hotel pool, while I hung out with Augie in the room. Clay also met with our realtor to get things rolling with moving, but there has not been a whole lot of progress because it is July 13 while I am writing this and we still have not figured out where we are living...AHH!! After checking out I needed to return stuff at the mall and then we went to the family bbq. It was great to see everyone and I felt like a celebrity since everyone wanted to see the baby! I made the blanket above for my cousin Sara, who is having her second baby after 11 YEARS!! I meant to make a car seat tent, but it turned out too big and so a blanket it became and a car seat tent will come later!
 After the bbq we drove through Star to see what the area was like and then headed on home. We stopped in Mountain Home and ate at Winger's with my parents and Jett, and that is where I took my first pictures of the weekend and of course they turned out blurry but proof of Augie's first road trip!! It was also the first time I had ate there and it was really good!

 This was taken on June 25, 2012, and although it is not the best picture it was his first smile captured on camera! I got him dressed for church, but we did not make it, next week we went, however, and he did really good. I had to leave during Sunday school to go nurse/change him and then he was good to go!

 2 tired big kids!
 Big stretch!
 Tate's Last T-Ball game!! June 26, 2012, after working hard all season he finally made his first 2 points on the last game. He did soo good and I told him I was so proud of him and he turned and said, "really mom!!" What a big boy he is becoming and I am so proud of the little man he is turning out to be. He ran sooo hard to make those points and especially since the night before at another game he almost got a point, but when he got to third base he was so excited that when they hit the ball he ran to 2nd instead of home, but the hitter got out anyways and the game was over. It was so funny to see him do that because he was so determined to make that point! At least he made up for it on the last game! We were so glad that we switched to this team because he had a great time playing with these kids, especially since Brody was on the team. The coaches (both their dads) learned quickly that the two of them could not stand next to each other or they would put their mitts on their heads or throw their hats to the ground. I found it hilarious but I am not sure Clay was too thrilled, but they are 4 having the time of their lives!!

 I took this picture on June 30th, 2012, because it was the last time for a long while that my hair is going to be this color..and since the kids were in the background I told them to smile too! It is not a great picture of myself, but at least I took it to capture the memory!! :)
 Brittley's self portraits

That night while Tate and Clay went boating, Brittley, Augie, and I went to hang out with Grandma & Grandpa Stanger, & Mayzee to get out of our extremely hot house. While we were with them we all went to Kiwi Loco. Mayzee did not like the sun in her eyes and kept saying "sun go down" so I gave her my sunglasses. This little girl is the funniest thing to be around she just says the funniest little things. On the way to Kiwi Loco, Grandpa Stanger was reading coupons that Grandma had and they had decided they would just share with Mayzee instead of buying her one for herself. Grandpa said, "Mayzee, do like free?" and Mayzee said, " I free!" and Grandpa said, "Mayzee, do you like coupons?" and Mayzee said, "I like coupons!" So so silly!! 

Tate wanted a picture with his brother and he was crying the whole time, but you cannot tell in the picture so here are my two little boys!

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