Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Trip to Lucky Peak Resevoir

We went to Lucky Peak Resevoir on August 17, 2011; this was one of our childhood favorite spots when we lived in Boise and I always like to share that place with my kiddos. We left early Wednesday morning, headed to the mall,and then to Lucky Peak to swim the day away! The kids loved it and especially since the park installed some cool fountains for the kids to play with. I did not make it out to the big fountain (for good reason too) it was FREEZING! I did get in all the way and thrown in by my cousin and chased around the park by my brother because their ultimate goal was to throw me in!! All of these pictures are in their raw editing :) so enjoy because we certainly did!

Bryce was being a chicken and not heading into the water because where he is from their is a real beach and the water is warmer. We started giving him a hard time so this was him in the water!
 The three amigos heading into the freezing fountain: Bryce, Brianna, & Jett....good thing I took the pictures because there was no way I was going under!
 Since I was taking all the pictures I decided to take one of myself: proof I was there :)
 Jett & Bryce's "sexy" pose...ridiculous pose lol
 Brittley's sand castle
 I read my magazines while Tate played in the sand & water
 My kids and I {together} love these two!
Our funny picture in the making

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