Monday, September 26, 2011

Rim2Rim September 17, 2011: This year I did something I have always wanted to do and that was RUN the Rim2Rim. I have not been running this year as much as last year, but I still felt able to do it. Judy walked the race and I ran it so it was fun doing it with someone; not in the literal sense, but when I was done it was nice to know someone there :)...she did a great job too and I was glad to have her there with me. I ran the entire thing except the Bass Lake Grade and then at the end the killer hill that sneaks up on you. This last hill is at the end of the race (I had already ran over 6.5 miles) so it was not as hard to get up but after I got up I did not want to keep going...I had to tell myself (and I am serious when I say this lol) the pioneers did not have an option; they could NOT give up! So I ran again with my jelly filling legs! I only have one picture from the race and that was thanks to my wonderful parents for taking it! It was right after the Perrine Bridge so just about 4 miles at this point. The Perrine Bridge was also a scary spot for me personally because I am TERRIFIED of heights. Some tears came up and I had to keep telling myself keep going, get off this bridge!
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I could not believe I ran this thing in One hour 16 minutes! It was a lot of ups and downs; not too shabby. I got 14th in my age group (age 20-29) out of 30 girls, 68 in my gender division out of 128 females, and 141 overall out of 234 runners! I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this feat! Now all I need is a half marathon!!!

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