Monday, January 11, 2010

Pollard Christmas Party

On December 19, 2009 we had our annual Pollard Christmas Party. I always enjoy going to this and seeing how much all the kids have changed and talking to family and eating yummy food! We meet at the Buhl Community Center and it is always a fun time. "Santa" came to visit and Brittley couldn't have been more excited. As you can see from the pictures you'd think they were best friends! It was a fun night and I went home with a movie gift set, Clay got a knife set, Brittley got lots of cute bows/flower head bands, and Tate got a car set from the gift exchange!

Tate was afraid of Santa so he's hiding on Dad's lap!

Gift from Santa!

Tate took his gift and ran!

Only picture I got....and yep eyes are closed!

While all the adults were doing the gift exchange...Crystal came over and was like..."Your son's back there eating something." So I go back and low and behold there is Tate eating fudge straight out of the pan with the serving knife! Good thing everyone was done eating cause this became his fudge after that!

In this picture 3 years ago there was 8 adults and 4 in this one there are 12 adults and 13 kids and that still isn't everyone!!!

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