Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Morning

On Christmas morning we woke up to find that Santa had been very good to us! Here are some pictures of the kids opening presents!

Well actually Tate wouldn't open presents he stood up at the top of the stairs looking down on everyone....clapping his hands and saying "yeah!"
I'm really bummed I didn't video tape Brittley opening this dress because it was priceless. For about a month she has been asking for me to get her this dress. 1st of all it wasn't my favorite, I showed her tons of other dresses and yet I couldn't persuade her. And 2nd it was not on sale...I'm am such a Target Junkie that I know never to pay full price for anything because it will always be on sale, well it came down to Christmas and this stinking dress still was not on sale, so I gave in and it was hard for me too! Well she opened this dress and she spun around the room and screamed my dress, it's wonderful! My future brother-in-law is in the background and he wasn't expecting such a performance for a dress so he loved it! I'm glad I gave in because that was the best gift to me!
A new bike from Grandma & Grandpa Paul!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas...we sure did!

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