Monday, May 9, 2011

Catching up with April

The beginning of April did not have a lot of happenings....except me being glued to the computer doing homework and working on other projects. While I am writing this I am putting off two more assignments until I AM COMPLETELY DONE WITH THIS SEMESTER!!! I cannot believe that I have already finished an entire year of school. I have 47 credits and technically only need 17 more to finish my associates, but I have 24 credits of classs I have to take still. I do not want to take summer school this year so I will just be finished with my assoiates at the normal spring! Something major that did happen in April was me telling my cheerleaders that I will not be coaching again next year ;( was a very heartfelt moment and the best thing about it was Cari had the girls say what they loved best about working with me...It was such a sweet thing and I was so touched by what the girls said and the fact that Cari did that for me. April 11 was our Cheer banquet and it went extremely well...I cried the entire time when I was talking to the seniors because they were the first girls to be with me from when I started to when I finished..ah tear!

My goofy look fits perfectly because I am such a dork around these girls and they are sooo used to it! LOL

My beautiful flowers from Cari...they match how beautiful she is inside and out. I am truly going to miss working with her; she always tells everyone we are like yin and yang we just mesh perfectly together and it is so true. I have loved loved loved working with her and I am going to miss her sooooo much, I've already told her to call me whenever she needs anything but other than that I'll just stalk her on facebook :)

The girls got me flowers too and made a scrapbook; each girl wrote a letter and put a picture in the book. It was the best gift I could of have asked for as I can cherish it forever!

The rest of April flew by in a blur because of school and everything else going on; but what we love most about April is Easter! I love spending time with my family and especially the kiddos. This year was the best year because it was the first year that they sort of knew what was going on. We had an easter egg hunt with the Hall grandkids on Saturday and then an Easter hunt with Stanger family on Sunday. I did not take the kids to any public egg hunts (1) because we were traveling so much (2) because I had a traumatic experience as a child and do not really care for them. (A grown man ran me down to get eggs!! I was like 3!) Here are the kids having fun:

Brittley trying to get them to give her all the "pink" eggs!

My Easter Kiddos:

Sunday morning:

My Beautiful Family on Easter Sunday:

Easter at the Stangers:

Brittley riding a bike with NO training wheels! She did all right, she just does not use the brakes right and she kept cutting up her leg on the pedals. It also didn't help that she was wearing a dress.

The little ones jumping on the trampoline! This picture turned out super cute of Rees!

On April 26 I got my hair done by my super talented, wonderful friend Sarah. It turned out fabulous as brittley and I took some pictures of the new do..and then a few silly ones of course!

A few more things for the month of April. On April 27 we had our last assembly and for once I did not have to fill in even though everything that could go wrong did; it was a mess. I wish the girls would have just did something fun, but whatever. It was a bittersweet moment because it means another year has come to a close and then it also means I am pretty much done. One chapter closes and another begins! The last thing which affects my family, but the whole nation as well; on April 30, 2011 Osama bin Laden was killed by an U.S. Navy Seals operation. It is still headlining news and it is crazy. After almost 10 years since the September 11 attacks they finally killed the man responsible for the planning of the attack. It is a very strange thing and I am not even sure I have completely grasped the concept yet. For (1) it leaves me wondering who may or may not take his place and (2) for 10 years they have been searching and they kill the ring leader, but he has had 10 years to build up his comrades or whatever you call them so I'm not sure if it makes us safer, but one thing for sure it lets those involved know that it might have took 10 years but we have never stopped until it was finished. God Bless America!

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