Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I am a couponer. I save lots of money, hoard up on essentials, and is one of the crazy ladies that show up to Walgreens early Monday morning to beat out all the other couponers to get the best deals. I just took inventory on my household essentials and have 35 Body Washes and pretty much got them all for absolutely NOTHING! I mean I pay money out of my pocket but most of the time I get more back then what I paid. I guess you could say I get a kind of "high" off of couponing because I have always been the type of person to find a bargain, but now I find "bargains" weekly and shop more because I save more...that to me equals a win/win in my book! I have been doing inventory to see where I am at on a two-year supply, but because I do not live a very large house I cannot have as big of inventory in food, so my ultimate plan is to have enough every day essentials i.e. toothbrushes, tooth paste, razors, body wash, shampoo/conditioner ect. that when in crisis I can barter for food or hook up with another family that has enough food and I'll provide the dry-goods :o) Good plan right?? I know, I know that I should have my own 2 year supply of food, and I have a good supply, but I do not have a place to stock-up on meat and add to my already good stock pile....I wish I had a garage like no other because I would turn half of it into a mini supermarket...that is the dream! When I coupon, especially at Walgreens, I have to have "filler" items to make my coupon/item ratio correct so being a sweet tooth I usually use candy as the filler items, and also because they are usually the cheapest fillers I can find. What does all that couponing and candy equal?? A bigger stock pile then most people have during the holidays, all year long. Not the greatest accomplishment, but you would not believe how much I and my husband eat this stuff...plus it makes it really easy to throw gifts together in a jiff! Here are some pictures of some of my "stock piles" enjoy!
This storage bin is shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deoderants, loofahs and lotion.

This bin is toothpastes, tampons, razors, hair ties, toothbrushes, chapsticks, lotion, and odds and ends.
This was what I was talking about when I mentioned my candy stock pile....I can fill a storage bin....ummm do you think I have a problem?? Most definitely! :)
The only thing that would devestate me if the shelves ran out of food?? Not being able to have a DIET DR. PEPPER!!!
I have 25+ lbs. of flour and about 15 lbs of sugar..for some odd reason flour is always in the coupon deals and sugar is not. That is why I always have 25+ lbs. of flour and maybe 15 lbs. of sugar...I need to get more!

Holy peanut butter right? I cannot go through this stuff fast enough either so I always wonder how couponers buy 50 at a time?????

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