Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Great Shopping Day!

Shopping trip on October 30, 2009
1st Stop: Old Navy
In this picture there are:
7 pairs of shorts for me
3 pairs of shorts for Brittley
1 pair of shoes for Tate
We hit a lucky day at Old Navy everything was marked an additional 50% off on the clearance I got all of this for $8.52!!
The shorts were 50 cents a piece! A miracle huh?!

2nd Stop: Target

9 packages of Keeble cookies
1 coffee mate (hot chocolate friend!)
(not pictured:a pair of tights for Halloween)
This would have cost me $17.69
After coupons and a left over gift card I pair
I got all 9 cookies for $1.00! And the coffee mate for 46 cents! Great day @ Target!

3rd Stop: Albertson's

This is my favorite one because of the AWESOME deal I got on Dr. Pepper! Diet Dr. Pepper is my absolute favorite and whenever I can get a deal I take it!
Before savings this would of costed me $35.02.....
after savings:
The Dr. Pepper was on sale for buy 2 get 2 free making it like $10.58 well if you bought 4 it would print a 5 catalina....making it $5.58, the propel was 4 for a $1....and I had a $3 catalina from a previous shopping trip! So halleujua for Dr.Pepper!

Last Stop: Smiths

2 bags of Lays Potato Chips
2 Tombstone Pizzas
2 Boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
2 Dreyers Dibs
4 Cans of Carnation Evaporated Milk
4 Bags of Ricola Cough Drops
4 containers of Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softner
Before savings $67.62.............I paid
The coolest thing about this transaction was I got the snuggle for FREE!

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  1. Love it and you!!!!! you are so good at couponing....we need to do it together one week!